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The true autobiographical account and gospel of a ressurected, reincarnated, biblical prophet.

Powerful Spiritual Attack!


Reincarnated prophet Daniel's massive spiritual attack experience.



For some time after the angelic awakening of October 1999, the author thought he was immune to any “psychic attacks” from the dark forces of the universe, being on the side of Light and God, an actual angel of the divine. This assumption was incorrect. The light sometimes DOES lose battles against the negative Powers-that-be.

I really do not like to recall this episode, but I will share it to give warning that these things are in fact real.

It began just as a regular day, sitting at the computer, when I began sensing an all-pervasive, tangible, negative, terrifying, dark and even “evil” energy force permeate myself and my apartment.

It began slowly at first, but as the hours progressed, it accelerated until I could no longer sit at the computer or even speak out loud. My breathing became labored, and my heart started pounding at 200 beats per minute, which continued for a full three days. I could no longer breathe automatically; I had to manually control my breath, otherwise I knew I’d literally die.

This was not a physical illness, as I was perfectly healthy. For the next three days I was virtually paralyzed on the couch, unable to even move or get up. I couldn’t eat or drink any water, as I immediately threw it up. I couldn’t sleep a wink of sleep during these three days.

It felt worse than dying.

The overwhelming, paralyzing “evil” permeated all around me. In desperation and with all my might, I stood up and tried to say a protection prayer to God out loud. Unfortunately this paralyzing psychic attack prevented me from even praying! I tried, but all that came out of my mouth was gibberish. I sounded like a pathetic six-year old boy crying; I was alone and helpless during this attack, with no light of God coming to save me.

It took me 10 minutes to walk to the bathroom from the couch; this dark force was stopping me from even putting one foot in front of the other. I collapsed on my bedroom floor for an hour, unable to get up, no matter how hard I tried.

You may wonder, was this “Satan” or a demonic attack? Well it was not any devil, but some other humans who got together and “astral traveled” into my apartment. They were of the darkness; they were powerful energy vampires, sucking all my energy from the body and soul, as they laughed at me.

I heard out loud – just like a regular verbal voice – an elderly woman speaking with an Australian accent, mocking me, but I could not see her form. It took a while to recover from this attack after those three days. It was an incredibly horrible experience I would never wish on my worst enemies, and I don’t like to recall it, but here Daniel is, sharing it with you to let you know it can happen to even incarnated angels of God.

It felt WORSE than death. It was torture. In fact, because I’m now a public figure, I get attacked in many ways, because of the nature of my message. My life is an open book.

To make sure you don’t experience something like this yourself, always keep a strong, prayerful or meditative connection to the Creator of light, as the light will ultimately overcome the darkness, but sometimes these battles are lost regardless of who you are, or how well you think you are protected.




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