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Reality, Truth About Incarnated Angels



The reality about physically incarnated angels - holy and fallen and "Satan/devil."



December 10, 2010

The reality and Truth about physically incarnated angels - holy and fallen and Satan.

The proper definition of "angel" as well as "prophet" is Messenger. Angels are the spiritual energy and manifestation of the Creator. Angels are not "superior" to humans, as they are instead humble servants of the Most High, although due to their close connection to the Creator can possess superior gifts such as wisdom, supernatural abilities and knowledge like that of super-scientists and philosophers.

I will bet the vast majority of you readers previous to arriving at this site did not know or consciously believe that holy, ascended (and fallen) angels can incarnate as humans or that humans can ascend to (divine) angelic status via a spiritual state to what is known as "Christ-consciousness" while still living in the flesh, did you?

Stories of angels appear in just about every religion, but most of those religions will insist that angels will never incarnate. Some think that angel incarnates are the so-called evil "fallen angels." This is not really true, as many believe. Incarnate angels are not all evil, loathsome and malicious creatures of hate and sin as so many fear merely by "falling" into the flesh.. It is the author's hope to educate the reader as to the truth of these realities, being a divine prophet and actual incarnated (divine, doing God's will, ascended since October 1999, but previously a "sinning" human) angel in the flesh, so as to shed light on ignorance and misinformation. We must go beyond the concept that all incarnating angels are "cast out of heaven" or "rebelling against God" or "sinning" etc.

Human angelics were created eons ago and frequently incarnate to guide, teach and give prophetic warning. They are incarnation of the Divine Plan of expansion and human evolution. Often angels will incarnate to live the life of a human so that he or she can learn to overcome carnal self, gain experience to attain wisdom so that further soul-spirit evolution may occur. The so-called "fallen angels" (demonic) can incarnate so as to gain redemption and salvation back to their natural heavenly glory. Jesus and the Christ-consciousness is the salvation available to these "fallen" angels.

Angelics tend to be highly sensitive and intuitive beings, often possessing telepathic or psychic abilities.

Many people do not even believe in angels, since they have never personally seen one, or they do not even believe in God - despite all the evidence for the Creator's existence - which, by logic, means they will not believe in angels since angels are fingers and messengers of the Divine. These non-believers include atheists and Buddhists, for example. Many lump angels into the same category as aliens - something of a "fringe" topic not worth discussing rationally or taken seriously.

Many skeptics do not believe angels possess "wings" and therefore believe it to be a fictional "fabrication" or imagination of artists who create beautiful paintings of angels with wings. I am here to state once and for all, clearing up much confusion about angels, that many DO in fact possess wings. I have seen my own wings visually - and this may seem hard to believe, but I swear by the Creator that this is all true - so have many, many other people on dozens and dozens of occasions for more than 3 years with their naked eyes.

I have heard from the mouths of complete strangers when going out in public a similar phrase on countless occasions,

"Oh my God...look, he's an angel!"

More than thirteen of these real-life, incredibly profound angelic encounters in bars and churches around other complete strangers are documented for the record in the Final Book of Daniel.

I can describe these wings for you. They are about 8 feet tall, swan-like, exotically beautiful, unearthly, bluish-white, etheric wings of pure divine light and you can see through them. They have an almost physical sensation as they flow outwards from the back and they feel cool, like frost or snowflakes gently landing on the skin.

At first, I found I could actually control the size and breadth of the wings, and they could be extended 30 feet to each side. They are a real and tangible appendage of the body and they can serve many different functions. The wings are not only for "show." There exists a special relationship to the chakras and spine of other humans. On many occasions I have been capable of entering the wings into the backs of others, transferring the Holy Spirit into their very being, giving them the direct internal experience and essence of Divine Oneness. Since these wings are not physical but instead etheric and made of pure divine light, they are not used for "flying" in the physical realm.

Furthermore, it was not only the wings that were visible. There appeared also to be massive amounts of divine white and blue divine light radiating 5 to 25 feet from my body when in public. This is called "transfiguration" and the angelic aura. It a very tangible "force" that could be physically felt by those within this radius. It is an aura of ultra-refined light and very essence of the Creator and Holy Spirit.

Incarnated angels are spirits of the angelic realm who incarnate as humans to help people learn something very specific, to heal, guide, enlighten humans or act as messengers such as a divine prophet like the author, 21st century Daniel. Because angelic beings are so close spiritually to the Creator, then tend to be very creative as people. Communication is often hard for them, so they tend to communicate through music, like the musician Enya, art or writing, like this author. Like Paul and Moses of the Bible, I am somewhat slow of speech, quiet and therefore communicate more efficiently in writing. Angels are capable of telepathy, which is a vastly superior form of communication.

Another term for incarnated angels is "Earth Angels." Most of these beings do not really make themselves public like this author is required to do by divine will, who is also a prophet, because of the ridicule and vicious, demonizing attacks they receive from those living in spiritual ignorance, such as heresy-hunting Christian fundamentalists. Earth Angels in their purest form are intuitive, empathic, sensitive and giving often to a fault.

It would have been so much easier for this angel to remain dead silent about his identity and awakening, but the time may be now to reavel the secrets, mysteries and realities about celestial and incarnated Messengers.

Angels - incarnate and celestial - appear just before a mass global transformation and the beginning of a new age. This age has arrived, and the angels also bring hope, healing and light while shedding darkness and ignorance wherever they manifest. It was promissed 2500 years ago that Daniel would "rise for his reward at the end of the days." (Dan. 12:13) Well, here he is, and you are reading his very words!

Did you not know Daniel of the Bible was in fact an incarnated angel of God, where it states three times he was "endowed with the spirit of the holy gods?" This was merely another way of saying holy angels.

"There is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him. In the time of your father he was found to have insight and intelligence and wisdom like that of the gods." (Dan. 5:11)

Also, in Islamic tradition, angels used to take on human form.

According to “the Acts of John,” a Christian Gnostic text rediscovered in 1945, the following is stated,

Know ye not that ye are all angels, all archangels, gods and lords, all rulers, all great invisible; that ye are all, of yourselves and in yourselves in turn, from one mass and one mixture and one substance!

Now, as an actual, objectively verified incarnated angel myself, I can say that I am not a celestial angel in pure spirit only, nor am I "half human" and "half angel," but rather fully human and fully divine; in other words, Whole or WHOLE-y. I have attained to Oneness with Creator and divine Presence, having attained to what many in today's age call "Christ consciousness" and now do divine will constantly for more than a decade now, no longer driven by lusts and desires of the world as may have been the case prior to the awakening, having overcome the attachments and attractions of the earth plane. Furthermore, my essence is not limited by physical body, as it is multidimensional and "omnipresent."

Angelic humans self-sacrifice for the common good, attempting to restore the true light of the Creator. These human angelics are developing their gifts to assist humans in the current age of ascension. The human angels presently on earth are undergoing the process of upgrades to their DNA structure, awakening and recalibrating their ethereal wings and superimposed light bodies.

Other terms for angelic humans may be "elementals" or "starseeds."

Now I am giving you the mysteries of the Incarnation, so that you may be educated about incarnated angelic humans. The celestial angel "Daniel" from the Bible (this author's real birth name), existing in the upper heavenly realms, began to descend and "fuse" or superimpose his angelic essence upon the author's ascending body, mind and soul from October 1999 onwards, after years of internal spiritual growth and meditation towards divine will. That is, the full incarnation of angelic Daniel from the upper, unseen spirit dimensions into and throughout this author's whole being.

This is opposed to someone who merely "thinks" he was some historic famous figure in a prior life through a past-life memory or through hypnotic regression. This is coming from someone who actually walks the talk. Now, while the angelic Presence of this Daniel is somehow superimposed upon this author's body, his spirit also exists omnipresently in the higher dimensions, and can work around the entire planet even incarnating fractally into multiple humans simultaneously even without this author being consciously aware of this.

Also gifted in this author's present incarnation is the "wisdom" and intellect (IQ 160+) Daniel of Old possessed, abilities of telepathy with humans and other "miraculous" gifts such as the ability to transfer the Holy Spirit to others and conscious weather modification under the inexplicable power of God. The author has also been able to consciously awaken the energy centers, or chakras, of the body of complete strangers by issuing divine energies to those who are engaged in regular Sunday evening prayers.

Yes, understandably for most, this simply sounds too "out there" like some sensationalistic tabloid-like fiction or the product of a deluded, totally crazy character on the "Internet" or something seen on a television program or from a Hollywood movie. Many believe suggesting angels of God incarnating on earth to be "blasphemous" and heretical. Most of you have never heard of this happening before, so it is a "new" teaching to absord so I suggest having an open mind.

Public interest in angels has made a significant increase in the past few decades in the West, often associated with spiritual movements such as "New Age." Unfortunately, with all this interest has come much misinformation both about holy and so-called "fallen angels" and incarnated earth angels. For most people the concept seems too much of a "fringe" topic. The result is much misinformation with too many "armchair experts" on angels.

There exists quite some confusion and misunderstanding regarding so-called fallen angels. Myth and legend have taken the concept of these angels and created many horror stories. Movies and books have been created to give us all a sense of fear and loathing about the so-called fallen, who are portrayed as entities forever cast out of heaven, and in revenge are supposedly running around on the loose, black wings, horns and pitchfork headed by a ruler-devil, fighting against God and humans.

We do not find a systematic presentation of this concept in the Bible, but instead symbology. You find even contradictory accounts. The moment you try to systematize it into the standard image or even the idea of a fallen angel, a pure spirit, in any sophisticated way, you're forcing the evidence.

Have you ever read the whole Bible, cover to cover? Ninety percent of Christians have not. If you have, you will have read the Genesis account of the "Sons of God" who supposedly "came down from heaven" in order to marry and have sex with the fair women of earth, and have children. In the book of Job the archangels were called "Sons of God."

Did you know there's an ancient Christian scripture called the Book of Enoch, which was considered scripture at the time of the New Testament and was directly quoted from many who wrote the New Testament, which describes these so-called "fallen angels" incarnating as humans? The Church Fathers removed this scripture from the New Testament canon because they perceived it to be "heretical." Of course, for those who ARE knowledgable about angels, their belief is that incarnating angels must all be of the "fallen" variety and therefore "evil." This is not necessarily true.

The offspring of these Watchers in the book of Enoch were called Nephilum - the so-called "fallen angels" that so many are terrified about - driven by religious paranoia by those who seem to give more power to the "devil" than they do God the Creator. Indeed, these religious types seem to be Satan-worshipers with the amount of power they give to this mytholical entity.

These angels mentioned in the Book of Enoch were embodied physically, were male in gender and had functioning sex organs with semen just like the average human male.

Why is it that the vast majority of New Age paintings of angels tend to be of women? The vast bulk of Biblical accounts of angels were male. But in nature, most angels are androgynous in character, having both a balanced divine male and female attribute about them. Why do people imagine angels to be cute, fluffy baby cherubs? They are in fact mighty spiritual messengers and warriors.

Many angels of the Creator are also not always doing things considered to be "pleasant" such as destroying entire cities (Sodom and Gommorah) or as "punishing" angels.

Most humans in general, of course, are totally ignorant about the realities, qualities and powers of angels, both celestial and incarnated, holy and so-called fallen, so it is my hope to properly educate you as to these realities. Unfortunately there exists so much misinformation about "fallen angels" that it is hard sift through all the overwhelming religious fear, nonsense and misinformation regarding this matter.

Naturally, many first coming across this writing will blasphemously accuse 21st century Daniel of being a "fallen" angel because he is in human form and somehow therefore "bad" or "evil" etc. despite having ultra-purified his heart, mind and soul and is aligned to higher Divine Will. This ignorance comes from the fact that there does not exist much quality mainstream information concerning the rare angels who do incarnate on earth.

Now, contrary to what many if not most Christians believe whole-heartedly, I am going to tell you the truth about the "devil" or "Satan." The fact is, no one has ever actually seen a big, bad boogey man named Satan or Lucifer with horns and pitchfork, red in color, cousing humans by the millions to "sin" and "do evil," ever. This is because there does not exist any Satan/devil AT LEAST AS commonly portrayed in mainstream Christianity as some external, all-powerful, almost-equal-to-God, omnipresent force continually fighting AGAINST God, holy angels and humans, somehow supernaturally causing all the problems of the world and telepathically inticing people to "sin" or be "led astray" from Jesus, the Bible, or God, etc.

I have read more than 500 Near Death Experience accounts of people who have clinically died, have seen the Other Side for themselves and returned to tell about it. The revelation of the modern NDE simply blows away and trumps what little was written in the "Holy Bible" or Quran concerning the afterlife, realities of soul reincarnation, and God. Keep in mind that while the Bible may be a great book with many divine truths, it is not Daniel's ultimate authority. Why would a messenger limit his revelation of truth to one book alone?

Of all these NDE accounts the author has read, not ONCE has any demonic angel or devil-Satan appeared to anyone! (Although some "demons" have appeared from lower hellish regions.) Yet by the millions, people do see God, holy angels, spirit guides and dead relatives, etc. very frequently. I've had an NDE myself in 1991. The reason no one has ever seen a supposed "devil" is because Satan - at least as portrayed by mainstream Christianity as an all-powerful threat AGAINST God and the saints - simply does not exist. The devil (that is, as portrayed as a force almost equal to God in power where God cannot seem to "win" for ages) is a mythological character invented by humans and used as something to "blame" as a scapegoat any "evil" on earth.

Naturally most of you, at least those who call themselves Christian, will feel offended and your orthodox belief systems challenged - or even threatened - by this proclamation from Daniel, because, after all, most mainstream churches, priests and pastors teach the existence of such an entity, as if it were fact. Prophets have a tendency to challenge the mainstream status quo and restore divine reality, teaching it as it was meant to be thereby prclaiming the Truth.

Here is a brief history of the concept of Satan. Zoroaster, a Persian prophet, first invented it circa. 600 B.C. The framework of the three modern monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) had been erected. An Iranian prophet filled out the Devil's birth certificate.

Through the Old Testament, the adversary (later translated to "Satan") was actually not considered some all-evil entity, but a servant of God sent on missions to test and tempt people of God, i.e. Job.

For a couple of centuries before Christ, however, Jewish writers began altering his form, and other demons started showing up in certain scriptures, until blown out of proportion by the times of Jesus and the apostles. Suddenly the stories of these mythologies evolved into a fabricated, all-out war between fallen and good angels, as became popular in the New Testament and popularized even today, a time when superstitions such as this should not be commonplace.

Once formed, the church then taught that pastimes and spirituality outside of orthodox Christianity are a form of Satan worship. This included astrology, ceremonial magic, divination, Gnoticism, rituals of pagan and other religions, etc.

At least things are changing; the official church now views demon possession and Satan as being primarily caused by a force "lurking within all individuals," not by a living entity attacking from outside. But a great deal of religious intolerance is generated by a key belief of some Fundamentalist and other Evangelical denominations – that the gods and goddesses of non-Christian religions are in fact demonic entities enticing everyone to do evil.

No one has ever seen Satan, but if you want to find evil, look to those who wish to impose their will or beliefs on others, and you can find them in many religious organizations acting in the name of God: the Inquisition, Crusades, Islamic Jihad, witch hunts, bombings of abortion clinics, Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan. And in this country, we have a senator who said,

The millions of Christians in this country reflect just about every conceivable political point of view. For one highly conservative group to proclaim itself 'the Christian Coalition' strikes me as decidedly un-Christian arrogance ... We reflect countless races, religions and lifestyles, and we often differ on questions of morality and behavior. The only way so diverse a nation can survive is by all of us practicing a high degree of tolerance. But tolerance is not the way of the Christian right. Its leaders want to impose their one-size-fits-all morality on everyone. It won't work. When any group tries to impose its values on everyone else, the result will inevitably be resentment, hatred and violence. - Senator Warren Rudman

George Eliot: "The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have the wider vision."

Some conservative Christians believe that there are only two supernatural forces in the world: their God and Satan. Some believe that if a person does not worship their concept of God and hold their beliefs, then they must be worshiping Satan; they are, then, by their definition, Satanists. Thus, all Christian denominations whose beliefs differ significantly from their own, and all other religions, are forms of Satanism. Therefore, according to such heresy-hunting folks, Satanists make up perhaps 95% or more of the world's population. Some people feel that all non-Christian religions are forms of Satanism. This would imply that all Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims – in fact at least 75% of the world's population – are Satanists, according to views by certain heresy-hunters.

What, then, is the reality of a fallen angel? They are regular or unascendant humans who have not awakened to their true divine reality; it is that simple. Long ago we were celestial angelic beings attuned to divine will. To experience matter, we descended (i.e. "fell") into material bodies that resembled apes, then in a relatively short time by earth standards, evolved and shed our bodily hair. We have since forgotten this divine reality, and in our attempt to return to divine will and escape from the bondages of the physical realm, we've created science, language and religions, all incomplete methods of returning whence we came, which we have long since forgotten.

As one may suspect, some undoubtedly will be inclined to suggest Daniel is some "all evil' "fallen angel," as some have accused. Remember they called Jesus a "demon" and "crazy" so I am in good company. All that is in Daniel's heart since around the time of awakening-ascension is compassion, sweetness, peace, mercy, joy, truth, innocent goodness, divine Love toward others, the wish for this to be shared, and this condition will continue – to eternity. Charity and the goodwill and love of the Lord are what I wish to disseminate to as many as possible, and are the primary motive behind this work. If only one set of eyes is opened as a result, my purpose would be whole. As a messenger and servant OF God and Jesus-Immanuel as Lord, I buoyantly obey in what is commanded according to my Master's will. Daniel wishes not only to save the lost, but to help in the ascension of those still residing in the spiritual or religious Dark Ages. That means most. If Daniel were a "fallen angel," then we all must be.

YOU, unawakened, unascended human, are a fallen angel.

This would be "The Fall" – of man and the angels, as they are one and the same event, in these symbolic terms. We used our free will for selfish purposes by descending into the material, third dimension, and have lost our way by losing our contact with the Creator, resulting in continual reincarnations and attachments to the earth plane. But instead of "eternal damnation," as many preach, there is the opportunity of reascension back to God and the heavens by attaining the Way of Christ-consciousness, and I am living proof it can happen. The song,

"What if God was one of us ... Just a slob like one of us ... Just trying to make his way home ..." comes to mind.

I suspect that Moses, Enoch, Elijah and other Biblical figures were embodied, reincarnated angels as well, sent back to help straighten out the lost human race in reascending; it is plainly visible in the New Testament that Jesus himself claimed to his disciples that Elijah, a resurrected embodied angel (of the Old Testament) reincarnated into John the Baptist, who was then killed during Jesus' life, only to reappear transfigured as an angel, along with Moses, with Jesus on a mountain (see Math. 17:1-13). Christ is the highest Angel among angels as Son of God – and one with God, most likely returned several times as well (e.g., as Joshua or even Krishna). Angels, by the way, were routinely identified as "son of man" and "Sons of God" in Hebrew writings.

Do you not realize that the concept and teaching of this "Satan" has kept the Church in power and business all these years? Without some all-evil force to blame every "evil" act on that occurs throughout the world, Christianity as a religion would fall apart, no longer being a valid theology to follow or blindly believe in. Out of fear of this invented entity people by the millions tithe money to the Churches, priests and pastors.

Now, this "Satan" charater is only mentioned a measly three times in the Old Testament and in the book of Job he was actually doing God's will and NOT some all evil force fighting "against" God!

The concept of an all-powerful, omnipresent, evil devil fighting against God and humans originated from Zoroastrianism in the fifth century B.C. (Non-Hebrew.) The New Testament writers borrowed their "Satan" concept from these old scriptures from a Persian prophet and used the concept of a devil to blame all their persecutions on from evangelical work in spreading the gospel.

The devil (Named "Satan" or "Lucifer") was never mentioned by Daniel of old in the Bible, nor does he teach the Devil concept as a divine reality in the 21st century at his historic return, except to say it is only selfish human nature, internal darkness and ignorance which is our only "devil" that must be cast out before coming to the Light of God. There is, however, spirit entities fighting over nations (powers and principalities) also known as a "war in heaven."

As angels always have to say to humans,

"Do not be afraid!"

Why be terrified of some invented mythological entity called "Satan-Devil," or attribute him so much power, as if God the Creator is so incredibly weak that He cannot win against demonic forces for millennia on end?

Now, IF there did ever exist a "Satan" or some all-powerful devilish character with red horns and pitchfork as portrayed by the mainstream, you need not be afraid anymore, because Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and the symbolic "Satan and his fallen angels were cast into the lake of fire" mentioned in John's Revelation has already been fulfilled!

That's right dear friend, a careful study of the book of Revelation and concurrent history of the first century leads one to the unmistakable conclusion that the prophetic portions contained therein have long since been fulfilled, all by 70 A.D. Furthermore, the prophetic portion of the Old Book of Daniel such as the "Antichrist" and military campaigns, etc. were almost all fulfilled centuries ago.

Nothing in the Bible is related to the author's modern day prophetic visions concerning World War Three. This is entirely unrelated.

Most Christians, especially those into "end-times" Biblical prophecy and literalists, do not understand the symbolic or spiritual meaning behind the book of Revelation. They take the symbology of the prophecies literally, erroneously applying them to the modern era and they completely ignore the following prophetic, literal time statements as to WHEN the prophetic portions of the book of Revelation would be fulfilled.

The following are direct quotes from the first and last chapters of Revelation:

"The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants what must SOON take place." (Rev. 1:1)

"Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is AT HAND." (Rev. 1:3)

"...has sent his angel to show his servants what must SOON take place. And behold, I am coming SOON." (Rev. 22:6-7)

"Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is NEAR." (Rev. 22:10)

"Behold, I am coming SOON..." (Rev. 22:12)

"And he saith unto me, seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is AT HAND." (Rev. 22:10)

Now, after reading the blatantly obvious above time statements concerning WHEN this will all be fulfilled, how can so many millions upon millions of prophecy websites, books and Christians perceive it has something to do with OUR time? Since when does "soon," "near" and "at hand" mean sometime millennia later?

The so called Beast/666/Antichrist that so many are afraid of, with everyone looking for in some future time, was actually the Roman emperor Nero, who died in 68 AD by suicide.

Therefore listen and understand the following: if such an entity ever did exist (again, as he is portrayed by the mainstream), this Satan is NOT currently on the scene, as he long since has been cast into the lake of fire.

Now I will tell you a secret, I, as Daniel and incarnated messenger, somehow now effectively incarnating the (divine) figure known as "Ancient of Days" has already in effect passed "judgment" upon the entire organization of the Catholic Church as described here. It may very well be that the Catholic Church IS THE "antichrist" I am here to defeat as per Dan. 7 of the Bible.

This Church is close to it's final "end" and is filled with darkness and corruption, no longer a relevant force in the future of the planet.

(Although there are antichrist-like characters present at any period in human history, such as Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.)

Now, if there are "fallen angels" (i.e. the "all-evil, demonic" variety) existing in human form today they would be interested in political power and control over others or money and other worldly pursuits through greed or lust. They would be multi-millionaires or perhaps charcters such as the Illuminati.

This author and incarnated angel is NOT interested in money or political power, as his pursuit is all not-for-profit and he is NOT seeking political power, nor does he "lust after women" for he is celibate and renunciate like a monk since 1994. Moreover, if Daniel were some "all-evil, fallen angel" how could he transfer the very essence of God called the Holy Spirit (the liquid light) to others, as he has done several times thus far? Rather, Daniel is here to set people spiritually free from the shackles of fear, darkness, fundamentalism and religious ignorance and restore divine Light and knowledge.

You may not have heard of this before, but Edgar Cayce, a true 20th century modern prophet, unlocked the mystical, spiritual meaning behind Revelation. The seven seals, the seven vials, the seven churches etc. were actually referring to the seven chakras, or energy centers of the human body; the awakening of kundalini within the author of Revelation (John of Patmos) thereby attaining to Christ-consciousness. The judgment at the end of that age - their "world" - and the "casting out of heaven of the devil and his angels" has already taken place and Jesus the Christ is now ruling from his heavenly kingdom! Jesus stated:

"The kingdom of God is within you."


"My kingdom is not of this earth."

This is what the so-called "second coming of Christ" really is about: we can all attain to divinity - just like Jesus of the gospels - and become a Christ or trinitized Son of God. The "second coming" of the Christ within, a/k/a "Christ consciousness" and the casting out of the "'demons of the mind" before attaining to enlightenment. This is the true gospel Daniel teaches.

Naturally many of you will perceive this to be "blasphemy" or heretical to suggest we can become Christs, etc. but I am telling you the truth, take it or leave it

Now, you may wonder about this "Satan" who tempted Jesus for 40 days in the wilderness. Well, this was not some literal, external, all-evil devil entity, but rather it was the demon of his own human mind that Jesus had to come to grips with before becoming the Christ. In other words, he had to overcome lower self, the temptation to use his miraculous abilities and wisdom to attain worldly or political power, or for other selfish pursuits.

I too had to go through this temptation period in the year 2000, months after my awakening-ascension and endowment of the Holy Spirit in October 1999. I have never - not once - had to confront any all-powerful demonic force during my awakening and spiritual travels.

However, I did have to deal with a massive and debilitating spiritual attack in 2007 but this was not "Satan," it in fact was coming from other humans who were of the darkness (demonic) and managed to "astral travel" into my presence and cause this incredibly powerful psychic attack lasting a horrible three full days, which nearly killed me. Even angels of the Light can sometimes lose battles as they are not always immune (but in the long run the Light overcomes)!

Now there ARE negative, dark dis-carnate entities (a.k.a. demons), mind you, and dark forces in the universe, collective unconscious and within other humans. This I cannot deny and it would be foolish for me to proclaim otherwise. Moreover I have had a vision of the "lake of fire" mentioned in the Bible, so it is a very real place in the spirit realm. These negative, demonic entities cannot harm you, however, when a strong connection to Creator is maintained and one stays away from excessive drugs or alcohol abuse. They are no where near as powerful as so many give them credit for and it is actually our fear of them that gives them their power! Therefore, stop thinking of the devil, and instead focus on the light of God and invoke the name of Jesus!

Now how then do you explain the apparent "evil" in the world, if the "devil" does not exist as the mainstream teaches, as this prophet proclaims?

Well, the only real "evil" we must be concerned about is stupidity and ignorance. It is humans who create all the violence and problems in the world, because humans have a degree of free will and choice, and believe it or not we all were co-creators with God in forming life on this planet ages ago, long before we began incarnating in the flesh. The time has arrived for us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, stop scapegoating by saying "the devil made me do it" and behave in an ascendant, tolerant, kind and respectful manner.

Our "sins" are really only mistakes. Is it not mistakes and hardships through which we all grow, evolve, learn and eventually become "perfect?"


In fact, before my 1999 ascension I made plenty of mistakes and got in trouble for it. If you were expecting "perfection" from birth in this prophet, you will be disappointed. However I ultimately overcame the world and abilty to "sin," through purifying the heart and this took many years of focused and intense, prayful meditation.

According to the beliefs of some – those whom I have had to contend with during these numerous personal encounters – the baseless implication is that, "If you are an angelic being in human form," I must be a fallen angel – or demon – existing in physical, human form. Daniel is not any longer "fallen," but a regular human who is ascending. I am here to clear the record regarding this matter. Many, now and through the ages, who have warped the truth and reality via mortal misunderstandings, have made the assumption, or have taken the Bible too literally, claiming that fallen angels supposedly "cast to earth out of heaven" (e.g. Rev. 10:15) exist in human form.

This is meant figuratively, not physically "on the earth" as in the extremely rare case of the (UN-"fallen") author. I know of no evil ones who have EVER appeared physically, unless you count mere unascendant humans. Very few – if any – angels of any kind, consciously aware of their being, have actually come forth as I have, and when they did, they were included into Scripture - or killed by those residing in spiritual darkness and ignorance. They are not entities forever cast out of heaven and therefore doing everything they can to destroy humans and do everything possible to perpetuate evil, etc.

Of course, the Hindus have known all along that the gods could incarnate to perform duties, something most Christians are completely ignorant of. While not every angel encounter during the 4,000 years of events recorded in the Bible has been documented, perhaps 50 to 100 visits total are documented, none of an "evil" variety. For instance, it is absurd to suggest that the two embodied angels that appeared to Lot to warn him to vacate Sodom before its destruction were "evil" fallen angels, or the ones who lifted the stones from Jesus' tomb, or the one sent to Balaam.

Well, they called Jesus a demon as well, so Daniel is in good company.

Daniel of Old circa 620 B.C. to 534 B.C., though largely a saint and who did the best he could, (but "sinned" Dan. 10:15), was also an embodied, actualized holy angel of God coexisting in "two different worlds," as have I, since October 1999. Why is it that people expect "100% perfection" at all times, since birth" from prophets, as some try to do with Jesus?

Holy gods were angels, but the terminology differed from religion to religion. Daniel had to be careful not to say so when writing his (my) prior book, due to Judaic belief of "One God." In Daniel, it is stated several times that he was "endowed with the spirit of the holy gods ..." Not once, but several times. In other words, angels have god-like powers and dominion, but ultimately we all serve the One, Most High God. Angels are gods, and in fact, we all have the potential to become ... angels. Daniel does not seek worship or glory from humans, but honors the Most High.

How is the angelification of Old Daniel determined? Not simply through information recently given, but through distinct clues left behind within the book of Daniel. Daniel of Old did not explicitly say so directly, that he was an angel, but the supernatural incident in the lions' den and among his companions in the fiery furnace, the common occurrences of fellow angelic visitors, as well as the references to being "Endowed with the spirit of the holy gods," and "An excellent spirit is in him," as well as the almost superhuman intelligence (wisdom) he was granted attest to his angelic identity, an identity I know now as congruent with the author, and a fulfillment of the last prophetic line in that book: "But you, go your way, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days." As is promised in Dan. 12:13, the "wise," and the elite of the apocalyptic group, will be resurrected and "shine as the stars" (stars were identified with angels in the Old Testament) along with the righteous leaders. The villains will also be resurrected and judged accordingly. This "angelification" occurs throughout the Bible, such as the cases of Stephen, Moses, Elisha, Elijah, Jesus and his apostles. Here's a trailer-hint of future chapters: You also may become an ascendant, incarnate angel, and I will briefly tell you how I attained the heights, since the giving of example is the best teacher.

What is demonic influence? It is temptation, possession and oppression. Evil is ignorance and discord. Virtue is knowledge, knowing the good, choosing the good by practicing good habits: controlling selfish passions replaced with love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, justice, courage, self-control, compassion, empathy and generosity.

Having a beer, cigarette or rich dessert – while atrocious habits with health consequences, and certainly not to be condoned – are not consequential “sins” when done in moderation. Only when done irresponsibly to where it causes destruction or harm to others does this create negative karma.

Human materialistic pleasure is something to be enjoyed – not abused or employed for destructive use – and only when it is recognized that it is a gift, a creation and blessing from the Creator, Who must be acknowledged as higher, and the highest source of all pleasure, and the One who gave you life and the ability to enjoy it.

However, to achieve the highest state of spiritual being, such interests must eventually be conquered, and purged, and carnal desires stripped away, including desires for wealth, food and sex so one may ascend to greater spiritual heights.

Metaphysically speaking, good results in oneness, and evil results in a sense of separation.

Angelic/Christ-like perfection is irrelevant to dressing or looking perfect, eating perfectly, or behaving according to cultural or even certain moral expectations of others through fear and doubt. Daniel couldn't care less what human judgment and shallowness consist of, because it is divine judgment I am subject to, and because the definition of Daniel is "God is my judge." There is no sense in answering to false charges as these: the seven deadly sins are simply absent at all times in an ascendant angel, forever purged from his character.

Advanced spiritual perfection has nothing whatsoever to do with fleshly, earthly and cultural matters such as alcohol. Bad for the health? Sure, if done irresponsibly. But the body is temporary and expendable. Bad for society if done recklessly and without regard to others? You bet. That is why Daniel does not condone such behavior, but does not immediately condemn it either, if done responsibly.

Rebellion is sin; anything that tears one away from God, destroys the soul, or that does not proceed from faith is a sin: murder, pride, envy, corruption, neglect, malice, hate, anger, or greed (the correct definition of sin is "off target"). These things you will NOT find in a holy, purified angel expressed in thought or action.

A major observation made is: the only ones who ever make an exclamation that the one they are looking at is a "fallen angel" are those who:

a) Take popular culture and scriptural literalism too seriously or because Daniel's message may conflict with their narrow beliefs, and,

b) Cannot actually see the wings, which are exotically beautiful and of heavenly origin.

c) Attempt to view my past as an indicator of my present condition, ignoring the grace of God given to those who seek and find ultimate truth, repent and pay off bad karma and atone for "sin," and change. But I am proof that what one has done in the past bears little relation to what one can become.

d) React according to stereotypes of the saintliness of an angel, which includes the concept that an angel, for example, should never drink alcohol.

Such comments mostly originate from individuals overhearing nearby conversations from those who CAN see the angelic spirit, then make the erroneous conclusion that an embodied angel must somehow be "evil," even though ultra pure in heart. However, this generally occurred only in bars; those who witness me tansfigured or angelified with radiant light in churches don't make that assumption ... it's the environment and location. In a bar, their "logic" goes: "angels don't drink, and if this one does, he must be a fallen angel ... what's an angel doing in a place like this?" (Answer: to seek out the lost and shed darkness WITH the Light of God.)

And of course, an angel present in a church is deemed to be a “good” angel. The negative reaction is immensely contrasted from those who do see the beauty of the wings and spirit and don't make such bizarre judgments based on a superficiality such as drinking a beer. Almost all of the Biblical prophets drank wine. Our culture has developed a very prohibitionist attitude toward drinking, smoking, drugs, etc., and therefore views these things as "bad," linking such behaviors and "morality" to the Bible and God. An angel must do God's work in any location and situation, for God is everywhere and cares for everyone and what is wrong with having a little bit of fun in the process?

It is very difficult for some people to grasp the concept that there is a positive side and a negative side to every issue. Additionally, at the time the book was documented, I lived in a region whose residents were predominantly Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) where the official doctrine, founded in human precept, prohibits consumption of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine (that's right, even a can of cola!) in order to give a "pure and wholesome" image – as viewed by other humans. Remember what Christ – who drank wine – said?

"Listen and understand: It's not what enters the mouth that defiles a person, but it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles." (Math. 15.10)

It's what is in your heart that counts; if a behavior is based on love, it cannot be evil. It is when the aspiration of pleasure for pleasure's sake, a form of idolatry, is exercised at the expense of just pursuits, that this can be called a sin, a desecration of the temple, your body, granted by your Creator.

This quotation from Paul the apostle is (too) frequently used to instill fear and doubt by many evangelical fundamentalists, and something that has been attempted to be applied in a paranoid fashion to Daniel, as you might imagine:

"Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light!" (Corinthians 11)

The fundamentalist or evangelical comes to such a conclusion by extracting such a quote from the Bible, the "absolute inerrant word of God" (That's right! Every single word was written by a divine hand sent down to grab Paul's hand and write exactly The Word! And if you believe that, here's a bridge for sale.) Was he just inventing things, to be used as a scapegoat for his difficulties in evangelizing his "cult" and gospel? Was he repeating material from other scriptures around at that time? Paul certainly did this repeatedly AND he also admitted he was deceptive and a "liar for the Lord." (Romans 3:7), (2 Corinthians chapter 12:16)

First of all, that particular quote was not at all the emphasis Paul was trying to make in this passage. He was trying to warn against 'false apostles' who were boasters who challenged his authority, and who were leading their thoughts away from a true devotion to Christ with 'gospels other than he taught' during the divisionary startup of the early church. An in-context dialog looks like this:
"...For such boasters are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness. Their end will match their deeds."

When confronted by apostle Peter who wished to prevent Jesus' execution, who said, "God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you," Jesus replied, "Get behind me, Satan! For you are a stumbling block for me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but human things."

So Peter must be "Satan" then, HMM?

If one reads it properly you see that Peter was merely a stumbling block, an adversary. Satan is also (incorrectly) called Lucifer, which was erroneously linked from a passage in Isaiah. Remember that these references to Satan, the devil, and fallen angels strewn throughout the Bible are largely symbolic. What some are saying about 21st century Daniel all happened to Jesus as well:

For John (the Baptist) came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, "He has a demon;" the Son of Man came eating and DRINKING, and they say, "Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!" Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds. (Matthew 11)

Jesus also came casting out demons and doing other good (supernatural) things for others, as 21st century Daniel is doing, and the Pharisees said:

... For people were saying, "He has gone out of his mind." And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, "He has Beelzebub (Satan), and by the ruler of the demons he casts out demons ... (Jesus responds here) ... how can Satan cast out Satan? ... People will be forgiven for their sins and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never have forgiveness, but he is guilty of an eternal sin," for they had said, "He has an unclean spirit." (Mark 3)

The Jews answered him, "Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?" Jesus answered, "I do not have a demon; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me ..." (John 8:48, 49)

"How can such a man, who is a sinner, perform such signs?" (John 9:16)

"He has a demon and is out of his mind, why listen to him?" (John 10:20)

So it goes with 21st century Daniel.

"And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." (Matthew 12:31-32)

Things never seem to change.

The country in which I reside has one of the highest population levels of fundamentalists and Evangelical faiths that hold these Satanic beliefs of the devil. About 30-40% percent of readers of this book will hold such views to some degree, and about 80% of readers will identify themselves as Christian, which is the main reason Daniel may seem to disproportionately focus on Christian concepts, something to which they can identify with. This quote from a Baptist source will be one that many of you hold:

“Any system of religious belief that denies the literal reality and actual personality of Satan is radically unchristian and unbiblical in nature and clearly under the dominion of the very devil whom it denies.”

This sounds like the Dark Ages. Daniel is not saying the devil doesn't exist, but merely illustrating that the "devil" exists as created symbology, turned into reality by religions as a scapegoat. The "devil" is merely representative of the darker side of human nature that can crop up from time to time. The above person sounds like a Satan-worshiper looking to defend and glorify this entity and continue his influence over the mind of many under the guise of light. Far too much power they give to this "Satan."

This means putting mythical concepts into their true, nonliteral perspective, and the concept of a fearful, deceptive, Satanic-like horde of angels out to destroy mankind is one myth I strongly desire to destroy.

The religious heresy-hunters' best friend is this Satan, of course. Throughout the centuries and continuing to this day things that were actually of the Light of God were blasphemied and called "demonic" in a reckless orgy to attack anything that threatened narrow belief systems, doctrines, dogmas, scriptural interpretations and theological constructs based on fear of the unknown. In the modern era this can include other peaceful religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, other Christian denominations, new prophets, NDE's, UFO's, presidents, homosexuals, New Age spirituality, etc.

"We understand why children of afraid of the dark, but why are men afraid of the light?" (Plato)

"Satan," by the way, meant many different things to many people in Biblical times. Its definition meant "adversary," accuser, tempter, serpent, deceiver. Therefore "Satan" is more of an Idea or concept rather than an actual, literal, all-evil and all-powerful entity almost equal to God; a "consciousness" of the human mind.

So where does "evil" come from, if not the devil? Well, in Isaiah 45:7 it is said:

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil [ra']: I the LORD do all these things."

On the surface, this verse appears to give a scriptural basis for the belief that the LORD created Satan with an inherently evil nature. However, when we research this passage, a different picture emerges. The KJV does imply that the LORD was the creator of evil. However, this same version also renders the Hebrew word ra' (translated "evil" in this passage) as "adversity" and "affliction" elsewhere.

Also, in Numbers 22:22, "Satan" is acting not as some "evil" persona, but instead an angel of the LORD opposing evil.

The Bible says the following about this concern:

"Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God." (1 John 4:1)

"You will know them by their fruits." (Jesus)

"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace." (Gal. 5:22)

Modern day Daniel the prophet's gifts, deeds and fruits since the awakening of 1999 are of the Holy Spirit and he is attempting to turn lost souls and spiritually ignorant folks back to the light of the Creator and live and teach forgiveness and unconditional love. How can that kind of pursuit be "evil?" The problem is that most Christian religious types do not test the spirits properly. Rather than their fruits, they instead pass judgment based on appearances, or by closed-minded, narrow interpretation of scriptures through fear and ignorance.

Therefore, "Satan" does exist, but it is instead merely symbolic of the lower, denser, darker carnal mind of humans. It is actually a human consciousness; the self-interest, self-gratification, self-centeredness, and self-consciousness; the pride and over-blown ego and distortions of self such as the "seven deadly sins." Wrathgreed, slothpridelustenvy, and gluttony. These "sins" you will not find in this author since the awakening, having ultra purified the heart, mind and soul. Nor will you find these deadly sins in other true ascended, incarnated earth angels angels of God, nor should you engage in them either.

Now, admittedly this author was a "fallen" human soul prior to the awakening, but then ascended for more than 3 years after October 1999 where the Mind and consciousness fused with the Mind of God and was doing only things of the Light, where my "thoughts" were exactly as God's thoughts - one and the same. Daniel is no longer a "fallen" but rather a rare human who has incarnated the very glory of God and has ascended. Now, God was "using" me for these 3 years, then these "Messianic" gifts and powers subsided, then this author "stumbled" in isolation from the public for the next 8 years. Now, as of this writing in 2011, the Lord is restoring and redeeming this author, where Jesus-Immanuel appeared in vision, issuing massive healing, radiant light from his body into mine. I am here to ascend and be restored, resurrected and saved "in Christ" and want nothing to do with any "Devil." Therefore you can help Daniel in destroying the "works of the devil" and cast him out in Jesus' name!

In the spiritual world there is no concept of good or bad. Evil is only in the mind of humankind and the world of dualism and is one of the many lessons in life to learn to overcome. One must ultimately rise above dualism and attain to the universal Oneness of the Divine, and it is all found within.

Now, according to the Christian tradition, the so-called "fallen angels" are "eternally cast out of heaven" as a punishment for some unfogivable sin. However, according to early Christian theologists Clement of AlexandriaOrigen, and Gregory of Nyssa, the "Devil" and fallen angels will eventually be saved! This is because the Creator is far more loving, merciful and forgiving than many of the ancients Bible writers understood.

Now, the Christian version of "Lucifer" - erroneously linked to Satan in mainstream Christianity - actually means light bearer and he was termed the "bright morning star," just like Jesus in the book of Revelation. To watch a good, enlightening Youtube video about a more "enlightening" view of Lucifer with a pleasant song, click here.

Did you know there were two Catholic popes named Lucifer? Lucifer is actually the path bringer to enlightenment and the source of wisdom and knowledge! Why do mainstream Christian believe Lucifer is some all-evil force and entity called Satan?

To see an enlightening video about the "correct" view of "Satan" and "Lucifer" click here. See why mainstream Christianity has been telling lies and misinformation about the so-called "Devil," as some all-evil, all powerful, omnipresent force tempting and torturing the saints or "leading humans astray." (Part 2 of video, click here.)

To watch a good enlightening Youtube video about The Angelic Human Race click here.

Or, watch this Youtube video called "Awakening the human angels: The Holy Grail."

Recommended is to watch many of Tori Sar'h's Youtube videos about earth/incarnated angels/starseeds originating from her site:

You may wonder what I think of Hollywood movies about angels.

Well, my favorite is called “City of Angels” (1998) with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. Cage portrays an angel/messenger who falls in love with a human woman. It's basically a love story, but he decides to “fall” from eternity and become a regular human, so he could experience romance with Ryan, including sex. It has somewhat of a sad ending, but I won't ruin it for you by giving it away. It's worth seeing.

There is some divine truth to this movie, and it makes me think of the mythical “watchers” a/k/a Sons of God of the Book of Enoch and the Bible, who came down from heaven, lusted after human women, had children with them who supposedly turned out to be giants known as Nephilum. However, in this movie the angel is NOT being "punished by God" for becoming human; it was instead just a choice made by the angel with no eternal consequences.

Personally I do not ''lust after women,'' have been single and celibate since 1994 with no difficulties and have never been married or had children. I have since ascended to “Love Divine” to where unconditional love supersedes any sexual or romantic type of love.

However, it is highly doubtful that IF I were to have children, they would turn out to be monstrous giants or Nephilum. They most likely would just be average kids. In fact, they could actually turn out to be "little (good) angels!" I do not know if my molecular structure or DNA has changed since 1999. No “laboratory, scientific” tests to prove or disprove this hypothesis have been done.

Another entertaining movie of angels is called “Dogma.” It's really a comedy about two "fallen angels" who are trying to get back into heaven by joining the Catholic Church. It has it's funny moments, but it's just an entertaining Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, hollywood and mainstream media have given a sense of fear and loathing about the so-called "fallen." (Again, mistakenly portrayed as merely "incarnated.")

Another good movie about angels is “Michael” with John Travolta. In the film he smokes, drinks alcohol, eats tons of sugar, gets into a bar fight and romances a woman judge. There is some basis of truth behind these things, as incarnated angels as myself are subject to things of the flesh and world, and they are not that much different than regular mortals! Did you not know that Jesus drank intoxicating wine, and miraculously turned water into wine when first coming on the scene? It is right there in your own Bible. Does that make Jesus somehow a "sinner" or "evil?" Of course not. (Do not worry, I have long since given up drinking, as my young party days are over.)

The difference is that incarnated/earth angels generally are doing divine will, are ascendant light-workers, while humans tend to do their own selfish will most of the time. In fact, because I smoked and drank alcohol at the time of the awakening, when displaying the visible wings in some bars, thirteen of which are documented in the book, many figured and judged based on superficial appearances that I must be some "all-evil, hateful fallen angel" and therefore somehow demonically "evil" despite having been ultra-purified in character, mind, heart and filled with the Spirit, doing God's will and possessing the gift of the annointing of the Holy Spirit of God. People have all these wild ideas and expectations of "perfection." Remember that these initial experiences in bars were not for me to get "drunk" as these were instead Divine Missions to turn people to God and shed darkness out of these establishments.

Did you know Daniel is not the "only" incarnated angel walking on earth at the end of this age in the 21st century? There are in fact thousands upon thousands of embodied/incarnated/earth angels right now, most of whom have NOT yet awakened to their divine identity and mission. It is truly "the return of the angels." Like me prior to the 1999 awakening, they are not necessarily Church-going religious types and may know nothing about angels or scriptures.

We need an army of incarnate angels, Christs, Masters and Elijah's to establish peace and prosperity and heaven-on-earth. They can kill a few incarnated angels or Christs who publicly come forward as I have done, but not hundreds or thousands.

The reality is that a singular, Messianic Jesus savior figure that so many Christians believe in is not physically returning as some political figure to "rule from Jerusalem." If Jesus the Christ did return in the flesh, the fact is he would just be kicked out of most Christian churches, thrown into a mental ward or if gaining political power and/or performing signs and wonders, would just be called the "Antichrist" or killed again!

If you want to change the world, therefore, turn within and BE the change you want to see in the world and if you are truly a spiritual warrior, you can strive for Christ consciousness.

YOU, unawakened or unascended mortal, may be an incarnated "fallen angel," yet do not even realize it. But there is a chance for redemption, resurrection and salvation, and Jesus as Savior for "sin" and the Christ-consciousness is the "way!"


The following is a critical letter I received in 2012 after sending out the last email newsletter entitled, "The Truth of Incarnated Angels."

This reader responded with an email saying the following,

"You said, "Now, as an actual, verifiable incarnate angel myself..."

"Really? I find that hard to believe. Please the verification process that led to your conclusion." (
"Kevin S")

(Daniel's response):

This angelic identity of this author has thus far been "verifiable" to between 4,000 to 5,000 people - complete strangers - who have visibly seen the wings of light radiating from the back for themselves while living in Boise Idaho around the turn of the century.

I've heard the awestruck, astonished and sometimes teary-eyed phrase roughly as follows,

"Oh my God, look...he's an angel!"

Now, I've heard this exact phrase, or something very similar, on dozens and dozens of different occasions from others in my presence for 3 years, after 1999. Yes, I understand this may sound too difficult to believe, but it's all the truth, period. I have had so many true spiritual experiences that there's no need to "fabricate" anything.

I do NOT go around "proving" this angelic identity to the James Randi types and cynical skeptics and hard core atheists etc. as a general rule, since such behavior is NOT divine will and it is beneath the dignity of an angel to go around "proving" himself. I only and always have told the truth about these hard-to-believe-statements and angelic experiences and never would I "lie" about this in any way.

This whole story may be incredibly hard to believe, and I understandstand that MOST who first come across this writing will not believe it. They generally will not "believe" unless they actually see the wings for themselves, and as Jesus stated,

"Lest ye see signs and wonders, you will not believe."

Like Jesus during the 40-day temptation in the wilderness, I too had to go through a temptation after my awakening in late 2000. You see, I internally struggled with this newfound divine power, visible aura of light and wings radiating from my body, and how it would be used in the mortal realm. I was "tempted" to get photographs of the wings, or go around performing "signs and wonders" in order to "prove" this angelic identity to all the critics and naysayers, or get testimonies from those who actually saw the wings for themselves.

After all, no prophet of old had visible wings on an almost daily basis for 2 to 3 years, not even Jesus! I could have appeared on television displaying the wings, or won a $1 million from James Randi.

However, this is all NOT divine will to seek such mortal attention, or gain "followers" to start some new "cult" with millions of followers or get "rich" off this pursuit. Angels quickly do their job then disappear. Also, Jesus said there would be others to come after him would would do the same "works" as he did, and more.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Furthermore, Truth should not have to be "defended" as it stands on it's own merits. Take my word for it or leave it. No one is forcing you to "believe."
However, I will give you one "verifiable" example of something that happened a few years back.

I was spending time in Yahoo chat on the Internet a few years ago, around the year 2005, sharing openly with others my angelic and prophetic identity as the reincarnation of Daniel. Naturally, I was receiving vicious attacks by many closed-minded cynics and skeptics.

There was this one man in particular - about 40 years old - who was viciously attacking me, calling me a "false prophet" and liar, deluded nutcase, etc. So, letting it slide off my thick skin as usual, I told him to order the book and read it for himself, because the book was written with the skeptic in mind, along with a lengthy chapter to determine whether this prophet Daniel in the 21st century was in fact a true as opposed to false prophet and how he passes every Biblical test of a true prophet of God.

He in fact DID buy the book, read it, and I talked with him about it two weeks later in the Yahoo chat rooms. After reading it, he apologized for misunderstanding my motives, which he had previously challenged.

Unfortunately, at the time, he told me,

"Well, I still think you're a false prophet."

At this time I was actually speaking on the microphone in these Yahoo chat rooms, so he knew what I verbally sounded like.

This fellow claimed he had a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorder running 24 hours a day in his home, seven days a week, in order to possibly capture the sounds of ghosts or spirits speaking within his home. He told the chat room he had some luck in the past with some faint verbal-sounding voices appearing on his EVP recorder.

What was astounding was that he came back to the chat room I was in a few days later and said something profound,

"Daniel, I think I am now a believer in you, something just happened ... I checked on my EVP recorder and actually heard your exact voice (recorded on the EVP recorder) clearly saying my full, real birth name out loud!"

What is truly astounding is that I did NOT know his real name at all, at the conscious level, since he never told me this.

Let me  explain how God was able to "prove" this angelic identity to him, making this skeptic a "verified" believer or convert to Daniel's message from that point forward.

Understand that the author is attempting - sometimes with difficulty - to properly explain the nature of the Incarnation of the angelic essence. I am not necessarily "half human" and "half angel" but rather fully human and fully divine, similar to Jesus of the gospels, since the awakened-ascension of 1999.
(But Jesus-Immanuel is Lord above me.)

In other words, the heavenly angel Daniel of the Bible existing in upper dimensions, since approximately 1999 onwards, was partially and at times fully "fused" or "superimposed" over top, around and within this author, a/k/a incarnated, yet the angelic essence of this Daniel the angel simultaneously remains "omnipresent" in the higher spirit-heavenly dimensions, and not as a singular entity located only within the author's body.

You see, God and the angel Daniel in pure Spirit form - only partially fused to me now in this lifetime - can do amazing things and can actually incarnate into more than one human body and perform "signs and wonders" all around the world. There exists many Daniels!

So, this author while existing in physical human embodiment did not consciously know the real name of this non-believing skeptic, Daniel the angel in the higher dimensions - and God - did in fact know this full birth name and therefore recorded MY exact voice as he understood it and heard through voice chat onto his EVP recorder, to convince him once and for all he was in fact dealing with the divine, and not some false prophet or deluded nut case.


(Added December 15, 2010):

Below is an email letter I unfortunately woke up to recently.

It is a letter of persecution and false accusation. This, and statements like it, is something Daniel must deal with on a constant basis on the internet, as well as in "real-life." Remember that I've been physically assaulted already by one who figured I was "Satan" etc. for no reason in the year 2001.

I apologize if some of you get tired of me discussing the "persecution," ridicule and false accusations this prophet has to deal with constantly, for the past 12 years, but you must understand just how much I have to endure to make sure the message of truth gets "out there."

It is no easy task to be an incarnated (ascended, no longer "fallen"!) angel and modern prophet. This is because most people are totally ignorant of incarnated angels and/or do not accept modern prophets.

Of those who actually do believe in incarnated angels, they are full of fear, guided by religious paranoia and attribute everything to "the devil" as the heresy-hunting fundamentalists do.

They tend to see "evil" everywhere, actually blaspheming that which is actually holy, of the light and righteous, or things they simply do not understand, usually from FEAR.

When the Pharisees were calling Jesus a "demon" according to the gospels he responded,

"Blasphemy against the son of man will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, not in this age or the age to come."

I am trying to clear out the fog of ignorance and EDUCATE about incarnated angels.

The following email letter I received is from a very mentally unstable woman named Bria who I have known for a few years, but had to ban her from my chat room in Paltalk because of her blistering hatred towards Christians and general intolerance etc.

Now, because I had to use good judgment and ban her,  she has now "turned" against me, acting childish in "retaliation."

Many of you readers do not like to hear of these things, but I feel it is necessary to share so you may understand the vicious, unrelenting attacks and blaspheming persecution I deal with repeatedly - on an almost daily basis - so that you can come to understand what it is like being a public Messenger. Normally I get over these attacks based on ignorance and quickly forgive, as you'd expect a genuine angel to do.

This is why I stopped "preaching" my message for a long 5 years, up until recently, because the constant attacks, ridicule and false accusations were getting so overwhelming. I do in fact have thick skin, but can only deal with so much for long before I have to take a break, despite possessing overwhelming tolerance and patience.

God's will - which I always have done since the angelic awakening - is paramount. But angels also have perfect justice, and sometimes have to "seperate the wheat from the chaff."

Here is "Bria's" letter:


"all yall are som waste bitch niggaz

This is what you could turn into if you are not careful.

One of the forwarding emails is to her sister. She was

a christian pagan, now she is just a fundy. I see you walking

a very dark path daniel. Deny it all you like, but I believe you

are a fallen angel. I will make sure others know what you really are.

Brianisha,  the creator of foxes, badgers and the eel."



Dark path huh? You obviously have no clue what you are talking about and are simply making a false accusation. It's no wonder I have banned you from my chat room after your above response.

The truth of the matter is, I walk a path of light, understanding, unconditional love, tolerance, patience, kindness and respect, and am turning people back to the Creator in as many ways as I can.

These are things you do not seem to know about and you do not seem to practice either. You have demonstrated this with your hatred and intolerance towards the Bible, Jesus, Christians etc.

NO ASCENDED ANGEL would do such things or have such an attitude.
You think I am a "fallen angel" now HUH? You are of course very ignorant.

Indeed, you are acting like an infantile child.

Rather, I have come to the conclusion that it is YOU who are acting "evil" and had to ban you and your separatist, hateful and intolerant behavior from my chat room.

This being said, I will understand you and will issue love in your direction, rather than curse-like adverserial false accusations you have just issued towards me.

I do not have to put up with your hostile negativity.




Not a good way to end reading a page, huh? Sorry, dear reader. I hope you can understand.


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