The Final Book of Daniel; An Ancient Angel Awakens

The true autobiographical account and gospel of a ressurected, reincarnated, biblical prophet.

Prophetic Record of Author Daniel


Prophetic record of the author; 100% accuracy rate?




Fulfillment of recent prophecies; September 11 2001, recession and World War Three now a reality

Now, here is my "PREDICTIVE" track record prior to the awakening, which are not, up until the Awakening, divine prophecies, and even still are quite impressive: Obviously there is no way for you to verify any thing previous to 1999 before sending out public messages, so you will have to take my word for it on the following. In the late 1980's (as a teenager) I predicted the long drawn-out recession we experienced in the early 1990's (but I was slightly off in its intensity). I then predicted in early 1995 that the economy would boom with a climbing stock market. Late 1997 is when I changed my tune and became extremely bearish. If you are a long-time reader you will have noticed that I successfully predicted the September/October crash we had late 1998 and successfully predicted Dow 10,000. I correctly called the correction of  September/October 1999 (but off in intensity--expected a crash). Remember that the previous were simply standard predictions, as distinct from divine prophecy, so let us then move to divine, prophetic visions since the awakening as a prophet:

     So does Daniel qualify as a divine messenger, sent to deliver the Word? If you've read the last sections (6), then yes. If this test as described above is applied, then Daniel of old passed it with flying colors. And most importantly, 21st century Daniel's prophetic visions so far received in the past year or so, from God have all come true -- I repeat, a 100% accuracy rate in predicting the future based on divine visions Daniel has seen. These are documented in this book, and were sent out to hundreds of subscribers before-hand and can be verified by going through the (unalterable!) Lisbot archives on the internet at: No other visions or analyses based thereon were documented previously, except those you have read already, and all since the awakening are included in this book. It takes wisdom to discern the difference between a true vision from God, and one that is just a regular dream, and God has allowed Daniel to differentiate these differences, and only these are mentioned in the book of Daniel. This should undoubtedly be sufficient to establish Daniel's legitimacy as one of God's true prophets (as well as everything else so far written and the angelic experiences) but not all will yet find this convincing enough. Naturally, there are people who believe the future can never be known with certainty, even though through the Bible and Daniel by the power of God has proven this.

     Let's review these prophetic visions and their short-term fulfillments which are all discussed in the previous section, and to verify them, go to the internet to check the archive. Specifically, these are the July 1999 prophetic dreams concerning the outcome of Y2K (see edition #72 or 73), and the March 2000 vision of the half-point interest rate rise and historic stock market crashes (see #85) which occurred shortly after. The next vision occurred in summer 2000, when out-of body, in the Federal Reserve, and overheard Alan Greenspan's conversations with colleagues about engineering a 2001/2002 recession, or at least their fear that the previous, successive 6 rises in interest rates would do so. This was a future event at time of writing (see # 89).

The most recent fulfillment of a projection made in March 2000 was a sideways or rising market through the summer, with crashes to occur before or during the elections; with the Dow losing nearly 800 points in the previous week, and crashing 379 points on Thursday, the 12th. That occurred in the fall of 2000. Next, in March 2001 I publicly proclaimed the market would soon enter a major decline. Two weeks later the markets crashed big time with the Dow down to 10,400, (bottoming around 9,400) and the Nasdaq losing 60% of its value from the peak one year earlier. It's not over.

The first vision was actually the Doomsday Clock in 1997 before knowing the author's identity as Daniel, which was actually a longer-term prophecy with many generalities, which have yet to come fully into fruition. The minor visions within its framework to be seen was then the vision of the Y2K rollover which was seen in July 1999. That vision came true, despite its seeming implausibility; it was a non-event, even though I was saying otherwise before hand. (remember that Y2K was about giving a warning). The next vision from God concerning a future event came in March 2000 whereupon I based an economic analysis on, which involved a near-term, disastrous market crash and half-point rise in interest rates, which both came to pass within the next couple of months -- another 100% correct prophetic vision.


(This portion below is that which is included in the Afterword.)

     Remember this date for the history books: September 11, 2001; a date which will live in infamy.

     By now you have witnessed a historic event which changed the world. On the above date one of the greatest landmarks of international finance, American prestige and symbols of capitalist prosperity -- the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York city was completely destroyed into a heap of rubble by intentional impact with the hijacking of two airliners. Simultaneously, two other aircraft were hijacked, one impacting and severely damaging the massive Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the other crashing in Pennsylvania, the result of passengers foiling the hijackers’ plan of destruction. The initial estimates for the number dead ranged from 10 to 20 thousand. (On that day, I sent a newsletter to subscribers saying the official count would be closer to 3000. For some time (months) the estimate was almost 5000. Events have proven my estimate correct, for the official estimate is now 3000.)

     For the first time ever, the Federal Aviation Administration halted all national flights for three days, creating a nightmare for travelers. The situation severely placed in jeopardy the airline industry that was already in a weak financial state. The result was a Federal bailout of the industry. The entire tourism industry suffered dramatic setbacks in the weeks following. The attackers achieved a crippling blow to the American economy, already in recession. The WTC housed such powerhouses as Morgan Stanley, China International Trust, Yamatane Securities America and Farmers Union Control Exchange. The stock market was shut down for days, and when it reopened, lost more than 20% in value over the following couple of weeks, globally. The insurance costs were alone estimated be in excess of $20 billion, and the total recovery costs of damage about 100 billion.

     Indeed, this was the most severe terrorist action in modern history, if not recorded history. There will again be more such attacks against the U.S.

     The international reaction was most impressive, especially in the U.S., where a tremendous wave of patriotism and resolve swept the country, determined to avenge the perpetrators of this heinous crime. The obvious suspects were of course Muslim fundamentalist extremists, led by people like Osama bin Laden.

     How did it make you feel when first hearing about this tragedy? Shocked? Angry? Sad? Flabbergasted? Or all of the above? Most were stunned in disbelief for months, and still are. It did not faze the author in the slightest, for I had been repeatedly warning (prophesying) about all these events. And the fulfillment of these events have proven me correct.

     Now, after reading this book, you should smile in amusement to those who say, “Who could have known this was coming?” Because you are reading the words of someone who did know, and repeatedly warned in public, all of the events taking place before your very eyes.

     I have repeatedly proclaimed the rough times ahead for president Bush. (See Section 6: “Rough times ahead. Bush and Iraq” It was written on February 7 2001.) I also proclaimed a danger of assassination 8 to 12 months after (becoming president). Well, luckily he did escape this, and he in fact was in danger at that time, for the terrorists were seeking to take out the White House. He is indeed replaying his father’s presidency, as I said, for he was destined to be a crisis president involving a war in the Middle East, during a major recession. Like his father, his approval rating are through the roof, hitting 90% months following 9-11, as was the case for Bush Sr. following the Gulf War.

     “Who could have foreseen all this recession and war happening months in advance? Who could have foreseen him becoming president, and the dramatic transformation that occurred later?” Through the power of God, Daniel has foreseen all of this. If you were a doubting Thomas when first coming across this book, you had now better sit up and take notice; if your “test” in confirming the validity of a divine prophet is the accurate fulfillment of the future via public proclamations, then you must now concede…and believe.

     The author has further proclaimed additional crises occurring through much of Bush’s term, particularly concerning the relationship to a future, very fearsome event in relation to the middle East, especially Iraq and Islamic extremists. I’ve seen this coming to fruition around 2004/2005. I have, since day one, publicly proclaimed the following, and was willing “to be stoned to death if it did not come to pass:

     "We will have to experience a (several-year) period of severe economic tribulation that will fundamentally alter the world's economic structure from which a new strategic paradigm will emerge: a full, total global war in the next twenty years that will be fought with maximum effort, nuclear weapons will be used, and the America/China/India/Russian "problem" will be resolved...but only after a culmination of unforeseeable events climax into World War Three in which either a new global power for the next long cycle is determined, or re-appointed (that is, the USA)..."

     This is now coming into fulfillment. We are now going through that economic tribulation, as the bubble has long since burst, with a global recession throughout 2001. The federal budget is now back in the red. While there were signs of recovery by early 2002, you can be sure that more shakedown is coming. Remember that all of the economic “forecast” in this book were written before spring of 2001, well before the carnage we have now experienced. The recession began spring, 2001.

     World War Three – however extreme such a concept has sounded at the time (1998-2002, when first publicly proclaiming this), has begun. The War on Terrorism, as initiated by president bush as a result of the 9-11, is in fact WWIII. It is not a fantasy conjured up by be…it is now a reality. It is a long war, and it is not exactly what many expect. It is not the Cold War version of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). In the early 2002 State of the Union Address Bush proclaimed the enemies, the “axis of evil:” North Korea, Iran, and yes, Iraq. The War on Terrorism will be used as the pretext for the eventual assault on the Iraqi nation. That has already come to pass since that time, and I prophecied it well in advance, publically.

     World War Three is a holy war or jihad, to be certain, but it is not about East vs. West or Christianity vs. Islam. It also has nothing to do with Biblical prophecy as some would believe. It is a war about vile forms of fundamentalism vs. truth and light. Months prior to 9-11, I told my subscribers concerning the Muslim faith (months prior to 9-11): “I’ll deal with this in due time, but first the influence of fundamentalism must be eliminated.” Do you think it was any coincidence the Taliban was so swiftly destroyed? Or do you not yet realize Daniel is creating reality itself? 9-11 was a campaign against America “in the name of God.”

     Yet we must be certain: Never would God approve of such destructive, evil actions upon innocent men, woman and children. They thought this would weaken the U.S., but it instead strengthened it; united it to a common goal and identity. America is a nation who has endured much in its history, such as the Civil War, World War One and World War Two. True, it can be argued it has become too prosperous for its own good in many ways, and that some of its policies are less than perfect, but maybe that occasional shock is just what we need to pull together…and learn from it. From the ashes the phoenix arises. In this sense – in the big picture, the terrorists did a good thing. And they sealed their own fate; they shot themselves in the foot. Iraq is next. ( I wrote that comment on Sept, 2001, long before Bush invaded Iraq--obviously that occurred since then.)

     You should understand that while everything Daniel/the author has been prophetically proclaiming is now coming to an accurate fulfillment, it is not God’s will for him to seek public attention regarding these matters, which is one main reason you will hear from me very often, in the public eye. Virtually everything Daniel does is actively proceeded behind the scenes. Remember that he is now actively engaged in the process of guiding and creating Reality and Destiny itself. But be it known that this knowledge of the future is to prove to you that your eyes have read words of the divine, for the Father is working through me.


      “All this…it just can’t be happening!” Oh, but it is my darling, but do not be afraid. “Ah, I don’t believe all this nonsense!” Oh, trust me, you shall ultimately come to believe. In fact, one hundred percent of the world’s population will come to believe in the true Christ message, which has become manifest through twenty-first century Daniel.






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